The 3D Flex cell is universally usable for the most variable component part geometry and laser processes. As a result of variable extensions and axis arrangements of the processing optics, the machine can realize a wide processing spectrum, extending from the simple 2D cutting application up to the processing of complex 3D cutting / welding component parts.

3D flexible laser cell

3D laser processes

Special applications possible

Laser welding and cutting

Example fixture

Different clamping assemblies and axes of rotation can be structured on the large machine support table. Niche processes, such as laser hardening and powder build-up welding, are also integrable. Our modular construction design enables the system to be employed with solid state laser, as well as with CO2 laser.

Optional additional components

  • Clamping technology 
  • Rotation / pivot axis 
  • Cutting / welding table 
  • Axes for the pipe processing 
  • Automated part loading 
  • Weld seam monitoring systems 
  • Wire advance 
  • Seam search system (camera)


  • Standard processes - Laser welding and cutting 
  • Special applications - such as laser hardening and powder build-up welding

Technical Data

Traversing paths / velocity: X = 1000 mm (60 m/min) , Y = 1200 mm (60 m/min) , 
Z = 500 mm (30 m/min) , C = n x 360° (300°/s) , B = ± 90 (300°/s)
Dimensions: (LxBxH): 3400 x 2450 x 3300 mm
Size of the workpiece: (LxBxH): 600 x 400 x 200 mm (3D functionalitiy)
Control unit: Sinumerik 840 D SL
Beam source: Solid state laser (Standard)
Processes: All laser applications in the 2D and 3D area
Laser power >1 kW
Positioning accuracy: X, Y, Z +/- 0,01 mm (VDI 3441)