Double welding cell

Typical component differential

Swivelling Processing optic ./. 90 Grad with welding wire feed

The classic 2-station principle is represented by the Laserflex cell, described here. Our double welding cell can be flexibly used for solid-state lasers and CO² lasers, as well as for rotationally symmetrical and other geometries, axial and radial welded seams.

In addition to laser material processing, there is also an integrated pressing function. Through independently autonomous lifting gates it is possible to load the work pieces automatically or by hand. 

Contilever system with moveable processing optic

The processing optic moves via contilever arm to the individual stations and can process radial and axial seams without changeover of the swivelling optical head. Owing to the swivel axis in the direction of the work piece (Y) both stations can be built closely together and thereby meet customer requirements for compactness. The system is designed as a "Single-Block" machine with a common base frame for all system components.

Technical Data

Strokes, NC-axes; X = 1000 mm, Y3 = 600 mm, Z = 500 mm (Optics) , B: ± 100° (Optics) , Y1 - Y2 : 650 mm (work piece) , C1 - C2 : n x 360° (work piece) , W1 - W2 : 110 mm / 60kN (Pressing work piece)
Control unit: Siemens 840 D SL 
Dimensions (LxWxH): 3500 x 2450 x 3200 mm
Beam source: CO²- or solid-state laser, 1-6 kW Max.
Max. work piece: Ø 250 mm Max.
Max. work piece height above device: 200 mm