The flexibility described here and the expansion options of our 3 D laser system provide users with more opportunities than conventional standard systems.

With our gantry series, we provide a 3D Laser processing center for large-volume components. All load-bearing parts are designed as welded constructions. The bridge construction is guided and driven on sturdy prop stands with synchronized servo axes (gantry design).

The processing optics are navigated as full flying optics in the 5-axis transformation. The  material flow can be flexibly configured with automatic shuttle tables. Vertical lifting gates or sliding doors on the front and back side (optional) enable component feed from both sides.

3D gantry laser machining center

High-speed rolling gate

Optimal accessibility

For large-volume components

Free beam unit

Rotary axis

Examples of extension options

  • Rotary/Swiveling axis 
  • Powder feeder 
  • Protective gas chamber 
  • Double welding head 
  • Beam splitter 
  • BOX system for serial production 
  • Work tables (also movable) 
  • Tube processing 
  • Seam search system (camera) 
  • Wire feed system 
  • Measuring probe 
  • Camera for contour detection 
  • Quality monitoring systems 
  • Rear rolling gate


  • Special applications - such as laser hardening and powder build-up welding 
  • Standard processes - Laser welding and cutting