The laser welding cell M800 concentrates all the components necessary for industrial-scale laser welding of round components into a minimal space of 800 x 1200 mm.Thanks to the newly designed movable platen which absorbs the necessary contact pressure during welding, the component can be loaded into the clamping system directly from above. A further platen can be positioned at the side and is moved in without retooling when changing the component.The two components to be welded together can be loaded either directly by the operator or by a handling device. Our tried-and-tested clamping equipment has been further optimized so that it too takes up less space than in previous systems.The cycle times for normal welding speeds including loading and unloading are under 20 seconds. The short cycle times, plus the fact that no retooling is required in normal operation, make it possible to achieve high volumes and mass production.1 million or more components are the norm with this system. Quick-opening lift gates with a safety mechanism in case of human intervention save further time when changing components.To increase volumes even further, two welding cells can be arranged in parallel and a single laser with a beam switch can be used.


Small footprint

Clamping concept with spherical bearing system

Pneumatic clamping force of approx. 400 kg

Component loading and removal manual or automatic

Typical components

Component dimensions from Ø 200 mm x 70 mm (height)

Example: M800 with joining and heating station

Maschine concept

  • Clamping concept withplaten system
  • Pneumatic clamping force of approx. 400 kg during laser welding
  • Modular software components enable the operator to put any common laser type into operation at short notice
  • The Siemens 840  D master control unit manages the input masks as well as the parameter input and interfaces with additional processes such as pressing and pre-heating
  • Online process monitoring of laser output, seam position and other process parameters via analysis of reflected light during welding
  • 3 NC axes - 2 x linear, 1 x rotary
  • Slightly modified machine series for CO2 and solid-state lasers